Entry #5

This is very NEW!

2007-08-23 22:16:51 by Shraylo

Watch my new Flash animations. They are, how you say, tres cool.

If you don't watch them, I will send my army of beavers to your house where they will brutally rape your mother and eat your organs. Simultaneously.


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2007-08-23 22:18:52

First get a better profile picture.

Then we'll talk.

Shraylo responds:

This has nothing to do with profile pictures! So shut your chapped mouth!


2007-08-23 22:20:55

the G man speaks...
meh ive seen better (but i HAVE seen worse)
pretty good id say ^^ but work on the visuals a bit more next time <3

Shraylo responds:

What do you think I am? Some sort of graphics guy?


2007-08-23 22:36:34

Au contraire:

Better profile pictures = better public image. Consequently, your popularity rises. While guitar hero is the epitome of awesomeness, a goofy smile negates and beneficialities said awesomeness would provide you. And my mouth isn't chapped, young man. I have Carmex(R) on my side.


Good humor, but humor isn't everything. I'd try to do more with the art and graphics side of flash. Clock flashes won't get you anywhere.

On a completely unrelated note, why are those dailystick movies so lowly ranked? Tsk, tsk, they deserve higher scores.

Shraylo responds:

I daresay, you speak the truth. I do think that picture makes me look pretty goofy, but if you were to see it at a higher resolution, it looks much better.

As my profile description says, I make crappy animations. I do not intend to make anything good simply because I just love the reactions I get out of people when I make bad things. You get those kind of people that threaten you, tell you to commit suicide, or just heavily berate the person you are.Unfortunately, I have not seen a whole lot of this yet. :(

I am not a Clock. Although I do use that Speakonia program that they use a lot.

The DailyStick movies are so lowly ranked because people are assholes. I guess you can't please everyone!


2007-08-24 03:57:01

Don't listen to the retards who are trying to tell you to be cooler.

Anyways, I'm too lazy to watch it for now =P